Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)

Check out some of our favourite celebrity grandparents. Some of them may surprise you!

By Haley Overland
Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg, 58, became a grandma when she was only 34 years old! Her daughter, Alexandrea, was 16 when she gave birth to her daughter, Amarah Skye. Whoopi's now a proud grandmother of three. "I accepted the grandmother thing in my 30s," she told the Daily Mail in 2009, "but great-grandchildren I'm not doing!" Ha!

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Tony Danza

Actor Tony Danza, 63, has one grandson — Nicholas, 8. “I want to be the guy who takes my grandson fishing and the guy he wants to go fishing with," Tony told "I won't tell them, I'll show them. I want to be a good example." Love that!

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: Parisa/FameFlynet


Jim Carrey

So cute: Jim Carrey, 51, got on Twitter to announce the birth of his grandson. "Jackson Riley Santana, My Grandson, Born today! This is what 7lbs.11oz. of California dynomite looks like! %^>," he tweeted, and posted this beautiful photo of the newborn. Aww! (Photo: Here's Jim, his daughter, Jane, and baby Jackson, who is now four years old, just five months after he was born.)

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: FameFlynet

Pierce Brosnan

James Bond, a grandpa? Yup. Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, 60, was just 44 when he first became a grandfather. He's now got two grandkids — Isabelle Sophie, 16, and Lucas, 9.

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: SGP/FameFlynet

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart, 72, has two grandchildren from her daughter, radio-show host Alexis Stewart (both born via surrogate) — Jude, 2, and Truman, 19 months. "Baby truman, alexis's second child, born on mar 6, two days before jude's bday," Martha tweeted. "Now i am a grandma twice!!! nothing better [sic]." (Photo: Here's Martha out for a walk with Jude in New York City last April.) 

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: Brian Flannery/FameFlynet


Dustin Hoffman

Actor Dustin Hoffman, 76, has three grandkids (from two of his children) — Daisy Jo, 7, Gus, 9, and also Bryse, 21. Here he is out Christmas shopping at FrontRunners with cute little Daisy Jo, in Brentwood, California. Lucky girl has MR. MAGORIUM for a grandfather!

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: MOB/FameFlynet

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn, 67, has four grandchildren: Ryder Robinson, 10, and Bingham Hawn Bellamy, 2, from her famous daughter, Kate Hudson; and Wilder Brooks Hudson, 6, and Bodhi Hawn Hudson, 3, from her son Oliver. When Kate announced that she was pregnant with Bing, Goldie was thrilled. "I'm excited! It's exciting," she told Us Weekly Magazine. "You know, we're just all very happy..., happy for them both. What's more to say?" Here's Goldie giving Wilder a piggyback ride on their way to a grocery store.

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: Cigar/FameFlynet

Blythe Danner

Actress Blythe Danner, 70, is "Lalo" to her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow's kids, Apple, 9, and Moses, 7. "I don’t feel like a grandmother with them," Blythe told "I get on my hands and knees and act like a complete fool! We have a lot of fun together." Here's an old photo of Blythe and the kids at a park in Santa Monica. Grandma watched as they played, and she treated them to sno-cones! See more celebrity kids (like Apple!) who look just like their parents!

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: Boaz/FameFlynet


Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner, 59, has two grandchildren from daughter Kourtney Kardashian and her partner, Scott Disick — Mason, 4, and baby Penelope, fifteen months. And of course, Kris has a new baby granddaughter, North West, from daughter Kim Kardashian and her fiancé, rapper Kanye West. What's Kris's dream? "To just grow old and enjoy my grandchildren as much as I did my children when they were little," she told Us Weekly Magazine. (Photo: The proud new grandma holding baby Mason while lunching with the whole Kardashian family in New York City.)

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: FameFlynet

Ozzie and Sharon Ozbourne

Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne have one grandchild together. Their son Jack’s 18-month-old baby girl, Pearl Clementine, is the first grandchild for Sharon, 61, and the fifth (possibly even the sixth) grandchild for Ozzie, 64. "I'm happy because it's what Jack wants," Sharon told Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan Tonight. "And I've always wanted to be a grandma, so it couldn't be better." (Photo: Sharon out shopping with Jack, his fiancé, Lisa, and baby Pearl, in West Hollywood, California, last summer.) See Jack and other celebrity dads out with their kids!

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: FameFlynet

Lionel Richie

Singer Lionel Richie, 64, is "Pop Pop" to his daughter Nicole Richie and her hubby Joel Madden's kids — Harlow, 6, and Sparrow, 4. "They always figure out their own name," Lionel told Access Hollywood of his grandkids. “I thought G-Pa might have been really the right thing but, no, no ‘Pop Pop,' is and, by the way, they melt me when they walk in the door."

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: FameFlynet


Sally Field

Sally Field, 67, has four grandkids — Isabel, 15, Sophie, 12, Noah, 7, and Ogden, 2. Sally loves being a grandma, but admittedly wouldn't make the best "backup parent." "Luckily, my older sons don't have careers where they have to go out of town for three months — whew," she told MSN. "Because I don't know that I could be such a good back-up parent. But still, I'm the babysitter." And, Sally added, when she gets frantic last-minute babysitting requests from one of her sons, she tells them, "'I can do it, I swear I can do it! I've got my inflatable bed in the backseat! I'll be right over!'" Ha!

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: ER/FameFlynet

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, both 57, are grandparents to their son Colin Hanks' daughter Olivia Jane Hanks, 3. "It’s better than television,” Tom has said of being a grandfather. "There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than having that little kid on my knee or in my arms, and I’m saying things like, ‘Who’s that little girl?’ or ‘Such a big yawn for such a little girl!'"

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: KM/FameFlynet

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart, 68, has eight children! So it's no surprise he's a grandpa already. The legendary singer has one grandchild from daughter Kimberly Stewart (and Benicio del Toro) — two-year-old Delilah Genoveva Stewart del Toro. "I'm going to be a grandfather," he told People Magazine shortly before the big day arrived. "I've been waiting for that for so long — that and getting my bus pass — the two things I was looking forward to getting. My joy is indescribable." See more celebrities who have lots of kids!

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: FameFlynet


Ron Howard

Director/producer Ron Howard, 59, has two grandchildren from famous daughter Bryce Dallas Howard — Theodore Norman Howard Gabel, 7, and Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel, 21 months. "I didn't remotely understand how profound the experience of being a grandparent is until you become one," he told Parade. "It's interesting, when you become a grandparent you start bumping into other folks who have had that experience. And there's this sort of wink and a nod like it's sort of a club or something." Hmm, love that. Of course, Ron is also a former child star. See more former child stars who are now parents!

Celebrity grandparents (who knew?!)Photo: FameFlynet
This article was originally published on Feb 22, 2013

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