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Carson Kressley's hot fashion tips for moms

Emmy-award winning TV personality and style expert Carson Kressley shares the trends that will take us from frump to fab in no-time flat.

By Haley Overland
Carson Kressley's hot fashion tips for moms

Carson Kressley's hot fashion tips for moms

Practical fashion tips for MOMS!

We recently asked Emmy-award winning TV personality, fashion designer (for "real women") and celebrity stylist, Carson Kressley, for some spring and summer fashion tips.

For Kressley, fashion for moms is all about "making it quick, making it easy, making it affordable and making [the] work for you."

Carson Kressley's hot fashion tips for momsCarson Kressley representing Tide Pods.

The coloured pant

Colour tops the list of this season's trends. Here's what Kressley suggests:

"You have that favourite turquoise sweater, or bright red blouse or pink little Polo shirt — that colour you already love. Instead of wearing it with white or blue jeans, the only thing you have to buy is maybe a coloured pant. And it could be a brightly coloured pair of jeans or khaki pants, a cute little pastel yellow, pink, green skirt."


Where to Buy?, $60

Carson Kressley's hot fashion tips for moms


Floral accents

Floral is another big trend this season. But wearing floral jeans or dresses isn't for everyone. "Just get a little floral espadrille, or a pair of floral pumps from H&M or Joe Fresh or some place affordable," Kressley suggests. "Or you get a floral scarf to wear with your turquoise jeans and a white t-shirt. And it just looks fresh and new for spring." 


Where to Buy? H&M, $30

Carson Kressley's hot fashion tips for moms

Must-have wrap dress

Are you familiar with the wrap dress? "They're super easy," says Kressley. "You put on a dress and you're done. It's one piece. You don't have to think about what blouse goes with these pants, what kind of jacket, what kind of cardigan. And if you have baby weight, or if you're having a baby and your gaining weight, or you're losing baby weight, it ties to fit your body. It's super easy to care for, too. They don't need to be ironed because that's the beauty of wearing a knit."

Kressley suggests pairing your wrap dress with a bright linen scarf and ballet flats.


Where to Buy?, $28

Carson Kressley's hot fashion tips for moms

Stretchy jeans and a little tailored jacket

If you're not into dresses, Kressley advises trying a stretchy pair of jeans, like Not Your Daughter's Jeans or jeans with a some lycra in them that feel as comfortable as yoga pants. "You can wear them with just a white t-shirt," says Kressley. "Get them in five or six different colours, and put on a little tailored jacket. And that jacket is going to really change your whole attitude and your whole look."

Where to Buy?, $80

Carson Kressley's hot fashion tips for moms


Easy dress and leggings

Take it easy on yourself. Though the trends are bold this season, you can still keep things simple with leggings and a tunic, or a little sweater dress. "It looks dressed up," says Kressley. "It covers the body, works for every body type and it's just two pieces. Find a uniform that works for you, embrace it and make it your own."

Where to Buy?, $29

Carson Kressley's hot fashion tips for moms

Switch up your accessories

We all know accessories can really make an outfit pop. So stick with what Kressley calls your "go-to uniform, like jeans and a t-shirt, so you know what you're wearing in the morning and it's not a whole ordeal." And simply switch up your accessories! "One day you wear a big scarf, one day some inexpensive costume jewelry from Forever 21."

Where to Buy?, $11

Carson Kressley's hot fashion tips for moms

Bonus: How to shop with kids

"Time is of the essence," says Kressley, "and you have to have a game plan." He suggests shopping with a mission. "You need to know what you want to get, and where to get it. So you can get in and get out." 

Don't want to get help in stores? Consider changing your tune. Kressley suggests building a relationship with your favourite stores so you can go to them and say, "This is what I need. Can you just get that while I go get this?"

He also recommends a bag of Cheerios or, well, a babysitter!


Carson Kressley's hot fashion tips for momsPhoto by Carmen Martínez Banús/


More spring fashion fun!

Carson Kressley's hot fashion tips for moms
This article was originally published on Apr 26, 2012

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