Baby talk

Elana writes about how Dunstan Baby helped her be more in tune with her daughter

Credit: nfolson

I am writing this blog because today Rogers’ own daily deals site RDeals has a promotion on the Dunstan Baby Language DVDs. Confession: while on my first mat leave, I began to watch Oprah on a regular basis. I admit, my favourite episodes were the makeovers, celebrity interviews and when Oprah gave away her favourite things. One day, my mother-in-law called and suggested I tune in. It was an episode about interpreting your baby’s cries that featured Priscilla Dunstan. It was fascinating, Dunstan believes that if you listen closely to your baby’s cries, you can learn to distinguish between a “Neh” hungry cry and a “Owh” tired cry etc.
I remember trying to pay closer attention to my daughter’s cries from that moment on.

What do you think?  Can you distinguish between your child’s hungry, tired, gassy or plain old cranky cries?

Photo by nfolson via Flickr

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