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Ask Sarah: How to Talk to Kids About Sex

Parenting expert Sarah Rosensweet answers a question from a reader looking for advice on talking to her child about sex

Ask Sarah: How to Talk to Kids About Sex

Struggling with tantrums, bedtime boundaries, or simply wondering how to raise happy, confident kids? Sarah Rosensweet offers peaceful parenting advice to help families find balance.

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Q: My stepson and his girlfriend recently explained to my 8-year-old that sex was when people touch their privates. I didn't think this was appropriate. I'm upset and don't know how to deal with the situation. I told my husband that we needed to tell him it was inappropriate and that he shouldn't be alone with the kids anymore. Lately, they have been going into his room while he lies on his bed, speaking to his online girlfriend. What is an appropriate response? Am I overreacting?

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A: Your question is a perfect example of why we need to talk to our kids early and often about sex. We want to be the source of information for our children.

I wonder if your son asked his stepbrother what sex is?

I don’t have enough information to tell you whether or not your son should be alone with his stepbrother. However, it sounds like you need to start having conversations with your children about sex and private parts so that they have the answers to their questions and don’t have to ask other kids (or look online).


You may be thinking, “Well, why didn’t he ask me?” Great question.

Kids are often shy to ask us about these things if we ourselves have not brought the subject up. Lots of parents wait for their kids to ask, but silence on our part can send the unintentional message that sex and bodies are not something to be discussed.

There are lots of great books out there to get you started. I like It’s So Amazing by Robie Harris and Michael Emberly.

Good luck!

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This article was originally published on Oct 11, 2023

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