Addy says: …well, everything

Lisa's kid is a chatterbox and seems to know every word in the dictionary.

By Lisa van de Geyn
Addy says: …well, everything

As a writer and editor, I’m obviously a word nerd. (I may or may not have about 45 dictionaries in my collection. My favourite? The “Hip-Hoptionary.”) I was also an early reader and lover of words as a kid, but I was never as vocal — with such an impressive vocabulary — as Addyson. Here are a few of the gems that she’s blurted out in the last week:

“I have a joke. Why was eight afraid of seven? Because seven ate nine.” (I’m not suggesting she actually gets the joke, but man, she told it perfectly.)

“Turtie loves having chicken for dinner — it’s very nutritious for her too.”

“Mommy, if you have more work to do you should probably plug your laptop in so that your battery doesn’t die.”

“I want to make Father’s Day cards for everyone, but I’d prefer if we kept this a surprise.”

(After telling her that I can’t put her art on our stainless steel fridge because it isn’t magnetic) “Well, you know, Mommy, you don’t need to use magnets. Tape will work just fine.” (She got me there.)

(While Peyps is crying in the car) “Peyton, there’s no reason to cry. I don’t feel like listening to whining right now.” (Not sure where she heard that one.)

She continues to both shock and impress me with what comes out of her mouth.

What new words has your kid come out with this week? Are your little ones verbose? 

This article was originally published on Jun 15, 2012

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