#4: Hilarious and sweet kid art

When a child brings you something they've created just for you, you get a window into their creative spirit. Here are some of our favourite types of kid art.

By Haley Overland
#4: Hilarious and sweet kid art

#4: Hilarious and sweet kid art

Little artist

We always tell my daughter that her first word was "pijah." The typical toddler, she said "Mama," "Dada," "oh-oh." But all of a sudden one morning, she pointed to a Degas painting on our wall and exclaimed, "Pijah!" Picture.

No wonder she's such a talented artiste at 6.5-years-old!

No matter how frazzled we are cooking dinner, making lunches, doing laundry, work, putting dishes away..., few things make us stop more than the pictures our kids proudly bring us.

Seeing them put pen/crayon/marker/paint to paper gives us a glimpse into the wonder that is their pure creativity. What follows is a gallery of some of my favourite kinds of kid art.

#4: Hilarious and sweet kid art

Pictures with mom

In their amazing little pictures they "share and care" by helping us with the groceries — if only art reflected life!

Through their art we get glimpses of how they see themselves, and of how they see us (in this bright pink?).

#4: Hilarious and sweet kid artSeptember 2011


Bad hair days?

We watch as they try new things on the page, experimenting with new techniques...and hairstyles.

#4: Hilarious and sweet kid artNovember 2010

How she feels about her brother

I love that I get to see how my kids really feel about each other spring to life on the page. It would be hard not to enjoy the satisfaction it brings them.

#4: Hilarious and sweet kid artWatching her brother pick up garbage / December 2011.


These are scribbles and scratches that we will have forever. Marks on the page from tiny hands in the here-and-now. The present moment captured in a pijah. Such priceless documentation of these tender years....

After displaying them on the fridge for a while, I date my favourites and put them in a special area of my closet for safe keeping.

#4: Hilarious and sweet kid artScribbles by her little brother / March 2010.


Hands and hats

Sometimes the art they bring us makes us laugh.... This was the chicken-finger phase. What's that on her head?!?

#4: Hilarious and sweet kid art

And more hats...

And, ohh.... Sometimes their art makes me howl!

#4: Hilarious and sweet kid art

Desk at work

If it's not in my closet, or on our fridge, it's on my cubicle wall at work. So between tasks, I can look at my kids' scribbles, colours and magic, and I feel a little bit like they're with me.

#4: Hilarious and sweet kid art


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#4: Hilarious and sweet kid art
This article was originally published on May 11, 2012

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