Top 5 hottest parenting debates of 2013

Check out the parenting debates that drew the most heat this year.

parenting-debates Photo: iStockphoto

Our monthly debates generate some of the most heated conversations on Twitter and Facebook. While some readers argue debates like this perpetuate the "mom wars," what we really aim to do is give voice to different sides of important parenting topics — so new and seasoned parents alike can consider what's best for them, or just have laugh (the debates are funny!).

Here are the debates that drew the most heat this year:

1. Is having more kids easier than having just one?> Aparita Bhandari and Michael Ward face off on the topic of parenting one vs. multiple kids.

 2. Should you let your daughter wear a bikini?> Erin Petersen and John Crossingham debate about little girls and bikinis.

3. Should you wait to have kids?> When is it the right time to have children? Jason McBride and Emily Dimmell battle it out.

4. Should you use a leash to control your toddler?> Online managing editor Nadine Silverthorne and Amy Morrison share their strong opinions on leashing toddlers.


5. Did you drink at all while pregnant?> Christine Davidson and Crystal Luxmore go to town on the topic of drinking during pregnancy.

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