New rating system finds best TV and movie characters for kids

Common Sense Media helps parents select TV shows and movies that will positively influence kids.

By Davina Sinnatamby

Photo: iStock Photo: iStock

Have you ever checked out Common Sense Media? It's the world's largest collection of ratings and reviews for media content aimed at kids. For example, can your kid handle the new Deadpool movie? Better check a review first!

Now they've announced a new rating tool that evaluates content based on desirable character attributes for the stars of kids' movies and shows.

The eleven character strengths were chosen by consulting with academics, educators, parents and grandparents. Characters will be rated on whether they display integrity, compassion, gratitude, self-control, empathy, courage, curiosity, perseverance and humility—and if they model good teamwork and communication skills.

Look out, Ninja Turtles—Doc McStuffins is coming for ya!