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New blog: What would Karine do?

Today's Parent Editor-in-Chief, Karine Ewart, will be sharing perspectives on parenting and answering your questions weekly at What Would Karine Do. Find out why she's just like you.

By Karine Ewart
New blog: What would Karine do?

Karine with her "little monsters": Wyatt, Milla, Theo and Beckett.

I am not a perfect parent, and with four kids, I am faced with the same issues most of our readers are. Thankfully, I have access to some of the most respected experts in the industry, so if something comes up that I can solve simply by listening to my mother’s instinct (still the best source as far as I am concerned), then I happily ask for help.

My list of parenting challenges is long; in the past, I experienced infertility, placenta previa, c-sections (and the so-called “regular” delivery option, too), sibling rivalry, potty training, picky eaters, temper tantrums, separation anxiety and every kind of sleep issue you can think of. Now that my kids are between the ages of five and 10, many of those items still prevail, and you can add to the list: school, forgetful tooth fairies, colour blindness, extra teeth, cavities, facial tics, first crushes, and a vast array of illnesses and just plain old surprises. Oh! And, I have a marriage to nurture and a career that I love. In other words, I am your typical parent. 

Each week I'll be sharing a window into my own dilemmas, some thoughts on a current news item or answering your questions about family life and parenting, Karine style.

This article was originally published on Apr 12, 2012

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