My Kid's Chauffeur

By Amy

I’m driving Talia to the Y for her Leader Corps youth group. She’s sitting in the back seat. (Yeah--I know she’s big enough for the front seat, but it’s safer in back). I roll up all the car windows so I can clearly hear her voice.

Silence. And then I hear from the backseat: “Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high.There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.”

“I love that song,” I say. “Where did you learn it?”

“From choir,” Talia says softly. “I have choir on Saturday.”

As we drive, my daughter continues to serenade me. “Birds fly over the rainbow, why then oh why can’t I?”

We arrive at the Y. I pull up to the door and drop her off. “Bye mom,” she says. “See you at 6. I love you.”

“Love you too, Tal.”

Precious words. During this past year we’ve heard few words from the backseat of the car. And few words at home. But bit by bit, my girl’s regaining her voice.

Sometimes being my kid’s chauffeur is the best job in the world. Your turn. Any great family moments in the car you’d like to share?

This article was originally published on Sep 14, 2011

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