Lisa says: Junior kindergarten update

Now that Addy's had a month and a half at school, Lisa shares how her little scholar is doing in (and out) of the classroom.

By Lisa van de Geyn
Lisa says: Junior kindergarten update

Addy doing a new "dance" she learned at school.

Yesterday, like every other Tuesday (and Thursday), I waited excitedly for the bell to ring outside the kindergarten gate at Addy's school. The minute Mrs. E opened the door and dismissed her, Addy ran over to me, gave me a big hug and passed over her backpack. 

"How was school today, Ad?" I asked. 

"It was good," she said. 

"Good! What did you do today?"

"I can't remember." 

"OK, well how was Pizza Day?"


"Well, you must remember something about your day — what did you do? Did you play outside after lunch? Did you learn new songs? I'm so excited to hear."

"I can't remember."

"Did you go to the gym?"


"And what did you do there?"

"Played with scoops."

"Cool! What did...?"

"Mommy! I'm tired. I can't remember."

That's the typical back-and-forth we have every day after school. (Isn't my kid too young to tell me school's "good" and she can't remember what she learned?) It takes several more prying questions for me to get anything out of her. 

As far as I can tell, Addy's enjoying JK so far. She really likes Mrs. E, she's made a couple of cute little pals and I've already seen an improvement in her letter recognition and printing. She loves borrowing library books (and thinks she's paying when they're scanned) and has learned a bunch of fun songs she's teaching me and Peyps. She's also stopped getting sad and tearing up at school, according to her.

At this point, that's all I know. Our "meet the teacher" night was cancelled and I'm waiting for Mrs. E to phone me to talk about Addy's progress. (The teachers are making their way through their class lists and phoning all the parents to chat about how their kids are doing.) I'm looking forward to finding out how Addy's interacting with her classmates, and whether she's listening well to Mrs. E and the other teachers. 

I'm hoping I get a good report from Mrs. E, because since Addy started school, Peter and I have noticed a change in her behaviour at home. Remember how Addy never went through the terrible twos and how we thought we'd lucked out? Turns out we didn't get a free pass with Addy and her grumpy, whiny, miserable toddler stage was delayed. Now it's shown up... with a vengeance. We're noticing that she's rebelling and really pushing to see how far we'll let her bad behaviour go. She's not listening, not sharing, not speaking nicely and is basically just acting up. Some days she makes Peyton (our devil) seem angelic. 

I'm wondering — did you notice a change in your child's behaviour after he/she started school? 

And, since I'm waiting to hear how Addy's doing so far this year, I'd love to hear how your child is doing. What has your tot's teacher told you about how your little one is progressing?

This article was originally published on Oct 17, 2012

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