These Kids Baking Kits Are SO Cute

The kits combine food, STEM and the arts!

These Kids Baking Kits Are SO Cute


With summer vacation looming, it’s time to think about kid-friendly activities for your little ones. If your kiddo loves to spend time in the kitchen, might we suggest a baking kit? The best ones feature yummy treats, fun themes and are easy to make — I'm The Chef Too! kids’ baking kits fit the bill, perfectly.

What are I'm The Chef Too! kids' baking kits?

Created by a Mom of three, this educational brand started in the founder’s kitchen to connect with her oldest son. Each baking kit infuses STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics)-based concepts into its recipes, giving children the creative confidence to learn in a unique meaningful way.

From erupting volcano cakes to galaxy donuts, the edible adventure takes kids on an exciting journey experiencing themes like geology, astronomy and oceanography.

Ideal for ages four to 14, the baking kits combine your little one’s love of cooking with educational concepts making learning engaging and tasty! With over 20 themes, they’re the perfect addition to level up any birthday party or a restless weekend.

I'm The Chef Too! Kids' Baking Kits I'm The Chef Too!

What do I'm The Chef Too! kits come with?

The I'm The Chef Too! kits include everything your little one needs to become an educated baking extraordinaire!

Alongside a recipe card, an activity guide card and pre-measured dry ingredients, these kits infuse STEAM-based concepts into each recipe, allowing them to uncover a new adventure and learning experience every time.

FYI: The kits don’t include wet ingredients, so plan a trip to the grocery store — to make it fun, bring your little adventurers on the journey, too!

Each baking kit includes:

  • One recipe card
  • Pre-measured dry ingredients
  • Activity guide card
  • Short shopping list (for wet ingredients)
  • One STEAM-based activity
  • Specialty decorating supplies

Our fave kids' baking kits from I'm The Chef Too!

I’m The Chef Too! Kids Erupting Volcano Cakes Kit

I’m The Chef Too! Kids Erupting Volcano Cakes Kit, kids baking kits Merchant

The Erupting Volcano Cakes Kit is an explosion of fun! Put on your hard hat and take a journey through the many layers of Earth. Along the way, kids learn about chemical reactions as they engineer and bake a mini volcano cake that erupts!

This themed kit lets kids explore STEAM topics in geology and chemistry. Each kit makes four volcano cakes — can you dig it?

I'm The Chef Too! Kids Under The Sea Cakes Kit

I'm The Chef Too! Kids Under The Sea Cakes Kit, kids baking kits Merchant

The Under The Sea Kit invites kids to learn about what life is like for the amazing sea creatures living in the ocean. Let them whip up under the sea cakes as they identify several invertebrates that live on the ocean floor.


This themed kit lets kids explore STEAM topics in biology, oceanography, physics and art. Each kit makes three under-the-sea cakes — perfect for sharing!

I’m The Chef Too! Kids Galaxy Donuts Making Kit

I’m The Chef Too! Kids Galaxy Donuts Making Kit, kids baking kits Merchant

The Galaxy Donuts Making Kit explores life in outer space and journeys through a cosmic adventure galore! Take a trip to the stars while creating galaxy donuts and galactic glaze, calculate your weight on other planets and identify constellations.

This themed kit lets kids explore STEAM topics in astronomy, science and math. Each kit makes six donuts — talk about a (star) cluster of fun!

Where to buy I'm The Chef Too! baking kits for kids

To grab one of the kid-approved I'm The Chef Too! baking kits, visit Amazon, for the best price. Starting at $31.44, you can two-day Prime shipping and a 30-day return guarantee. Need a Prime membership? Click here for free Prime access for 30 days.


Additionally, the brand’s website is a go-to spot. Starting at $34.95, the company’s full roster of kits is available for purchase, including the coveted Hasbro collaboration — My Little Pony parfaits, anyone?

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