Is this the new Pokémon GO?

Could your kid ever love an app more than Pokémon GO? He might if it's ANOTHER Pokémon app.

If there’s one thing no parent will ever forget about summer 2016, it’s Pokémon GO, the addicting mobile app that used augmented reality to let you catch Pokémon IRL. Whether or not your kid is still playing the game, brace yourself because it has a sequel: Pokémon Duel.

Recently released by The Pokémon Company, Duel brings us what GO lacked: The ability to do battle with other players phone-on-phone. In this game, players use cute digital Pokémon figures to face their opponent in an arena (it looks similar to a tabletop board game) while using strategic moves to reach their opponent’s territory. Your kid can opt for single player mode or league mode if he wants to team up with friends.

While the app is free to download for iOS and Android, beware of in-app purchases like power boosters and Pokémon upgrades.

Is this your kid’s newest addiction?

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