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How we brought the spring season into our home

Tired of the cold weather, Jennifer decides it's time to bring the spring season into her house.

By Jennifer Pinarski
How we brought the spring season into our home

Under normal circumstances, I am very tolerant of cold weather. I credit the years I spent living in northern Ontario and Winnipeg for my appreciation of how long and cold spring can really be.

In Winnipeg, it isn't unusual to have huge snowfalls well into April — and I remember many years spent camping on the Victoria Day long weekend, drilling holes in the lake to draw water to make coffee. So when my Ontario pals complained about how horrible the weather has been lately, I'd roll my eyes and retell the story about how it snowed and hailed on my second wedding anniversary (which is in mid-May). My friends would take one look at my hardy prairie kiddos running around without mitts and their coats unzipped and flapping around while they threw snowballs at each other and take their turn rolling their eyes at me.

Yup, I smugly made a snowman with my gloveless hands on the first day of spring after several inches of snow fell. Even a few weeks ago, I was tweeting that Canada's drawn out winter is good for maple syrup and apple producers because last year's record-breaking warm temperatures decimated production. 

But enough is enough — I'm done with winter. I want to pack away my kids' winter clothes, run barefoot on my trails and sleep with the windows open. I. Am. DONE!

Just when I thought I couldn't tolerate another day of wearing my down coat and insulated boots, my pal Karen called. She and her farming family were going on a whirlwind vacation and she wondered if I'd mind taking care of her newly hatched quails and chicks.

Now it sounds like spring in my house, with a dozen baby birds running around my living room. 

Karen and her family return next week, but I'm not so sure that warmer spring-like weather will arrive. Do you think Karen will mind if a few of these cuties stay just a little bit longer?

This article was originally published on Apr 03, 2013

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