How to turn baby things into baby keepsakes

These seven ideas for turning your special baby things into baby keepsakes will ensure your first year memories last forever.

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How to turn baby things into baby keepsakes

How to turn baby stuff into baby keepsakes

Framed baby onesie

Baby’s first onesie is a special one. But making a framed momento is an easy way to remember how truly tiny your son or daughter once was. All you need is a frame, some backing paper, glue, and your favourite onesie. Get more information:

first onesie framed in a nurseryPhoto: Shop Sweet Things via Pinterest

Baby time capsule

A baby time capsule is the perfect way to save lots of precious little trinkets in one memory-filled container. Buy or decorate a sturdy box or container, then fill it with anything from little shoes, socks and toys to locks of baby hair, cards from friends and family, and photos. Choose a date in the future when you’ll open the capsule (perhaps with your grown-up “baby”), or simply store away until your heartstrings want some tugging. Where to buy: AlmostSundayInc

How to turn baby things into baby keepsakesPhoto: AlmostSundayInc via Etsy


Memory quilt

A wonderful way to turn baby things into a baby keepsake (and future family heirloom) is to sew your favourite baby clothes together into a quilt. Those who are handy with a sewing machine could do this at home, but if you’re nervous about doing the beloved pieces justice, then consider outsourcing the job to someone who sews for a living. We love this pretty quilt from

quilt made out of onesiesPhoto: Finding Happyfull via Pinterest

Clothing art

Keep a special piece of clothing, like a frock from a baptism, and pin it in an ornate frame. It’s a pretty souvenir that can live in your little one’s room for years to come. Get more information:

framed baby frock on floral wallPhoto: Project Nursery via Pinterest

Onesie baseball cap

How cute is this idea? Rather than a time-heavy quilt or a basic framed onesie, get a little more life out of your little one's fave garb by making a hat. Get the instructions:

How to turn baby things into baby keepsakesPhoto: Jessica Abbott


Memory bears

How cute is this? Pick a favourite onesie and make a sweet bear (and matchie balnkie, too) with this easy tutorial. Get the instructions:

teddy bear and blanket made out of a onesiePhoto: PA Country Crafts via Pinterest

Keepsake ornament

Fill an oversized ornament with baby’s hospital hat and bracelet. How sweet. Get the instructions here:

How to turn baby things into baby keepsakesPhoto: Thrifty Crafty Girl via Pinterest

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This article was originally published on Nov 30, 2016

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