How to make 2012 our best year yet

Amy has made parenting and personal goals instead of New Year's resolutions

By Amy Baskin
How to make 2012 our best year yet

While I don’t have resolutions this year, I do have high hopes. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! Here goes.
For Talia:
I hope I can:

  • Treasure my daughter’s kindness. “Hey mom, let me help you with your coffee," she said, when out for breakfast at Cora's. After carefully opening the creamer container, she poured cream in my cup, stirred and smiled at me. A sweetheart.

  • Help create change in my community. In some ways, 2012 is a year of loss for us. My daughter has aged out of many programs that she loves attending with friends-including music and cooking. With networking, phone calls, emails and advocacy, we’re trying to create new options.

  • Spend more weekend family time outdoors, especially in the winter: cross country skiing, skating, hiking in snowy woods. Too often our weekends get sucked up with chores or the dreaded computer.

  • Pick one household chore that Tal likes and help her to master it. This morning, we changed the bedsheets together. “We’re working as a team, Mom,” Tal said. Sure, it’s way easier to do things myself. But I know how proud Tal feels when she contributes to our family.

  • Help my daughter to rev up her social life. Perhaps invite a few friends over for a monthly pizza and movie night. 

  • Continue to help Tal keep her Support Circle vibrant and active.

For Me:
I hope I can:

  • Continue to exercise (at least 30 minutes) most days. A walk, a hike, a Y pilates class — all can work. When I exercise, I’m happier and more optimistic.  

  • Make time to do the crafty stuff that nurtures me. I just bought 10 skeins of different blue yarns — sparkly, soft, squiggly, shimmery. With them, I’ll knit an easy-peasy, gorgeous blanket. Maybe I can even dust off my calligraphy set.

  • Be less crabby and more romantic with Jack. Hmmm about less bugging to clean out the basement and more candle-lit dinners with wine (I’ll even pick up the Thai takeout.)

  • Start writing my new book. (details to follow ...)

Your turn. What are your hopes for 2012?

This article was originally published on Jan 05, 2012

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