How to clean up a park for Earth Day

Meet your neighbours and clean up your neighbourhood park this Earth Day.

Photo: iStock Photo: iStock

Josh Cameron and his mom, Jennifer, of Guelph, Ont., have organized several Earth Day cleanups. They offer this advice for organizing a neighbourhood event.

You’ll need:

  • garbage bags
  • plastic or latex gloves
  • hand sanitizer to use before eating
  • litterless snacks (juice, fruit, muffins in reusable containers)

Note: To lower your costs, ask your city’s parks department to donate some materials.

Eco action plan:

  1. Get the word out: Knock on doors, email and use free newspaper or radio announcements to let people know about your cleanup event.
  2. Set an rain date just in case.
  3. The day before, adults should scour the area and pick up hazardous materials (broken glass, condoms, etc.).

No time to organize a neighbourhood event? “Even one or two families with a few garbage bags can make a difference,” says Jennifer.

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