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How do you manage your daily schedule?

A jam-packed calendar has Anchel wondering if it’s too much.

By Anchel Krishna
How do you manage your daily schedule?

Photo courtesy of Anchel Krishna.

From June 1st to June 30th, we have 21 scheduled events with Syona. That leaves nine free days, all on weekends, and many of those days are taken up with the stuff we actually like to do — you know, hang out with friends and family, run errands, cook and (occasionally) sleep.

I’m not complaining — I promise. I’m so pleased that we’re able to provide Syona with this level and amount of intervention, especially in these early years. In fact, doing as much as we can, while not worrying about the big stuff, is pretty much the entire reason we decided I wouldn’t go back to work following my maternity leave. (It was the right decision for us. I know it’s not for everyone, but that’s a whole other post.) That said, I’m also really conscious that we aren’t “overtherapizing” Syona.

This has me thinking: Are we doing too much?

This month, the answer is: Absolutely.

Most months aren’t quite this busy, but June is nonstop for a variety of reasons. In addition to her regular physiotherapy, occupational therapy and play-based development therapy, we also have a speech assessment, several doctor appointments and a joint appointment with all the therapists and early-childhood experts who I lovingly refer to as “Team Syona”.

We had a few free days, and I filled those up with playdates and a music class. Sure, we’re tired, but it’s just so nice for Syona to be around kids (and me to be around other parents). On days when we are home for a whole day, both Syona and I tend to get a little restless, and it’s not a pretty sight when Dilip gets home. We also try to get outside at least once a day for a walk and a trip to a nearby park for some fun times on the swings.

In the evenings when Dilip gets home, he usually takes over all Syona-related duties and I try to hit a yoga class, meet a friend for coffee or sometimes just zone out by watching some completely mindless television. We also try and take some time on the weekends to do fun stuff as a family, and Dilip and I always attempt to spend a few minutes together at the end of the day.

A busy schedule, yes. But some of those things that keep us busy help to keep things sane in the Krishna household.

Sometimes I think my friends who have typically developing kids think our schedule is exhausting, and there are times that it is, but it’s also just our life. I’m also pretty sure that even if Syona didn’t have all these appointments, I would still think our schedule was crazy.

What are your tips and tricks to managing schedules? How do you prevent yourselves from feeling overwhelmed?

This article was originally published on Jun 12, 2012

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