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Homework stations

An organized spot can make homework (dare we say it?) fun! Whether your home is roomy or tight, here are three smart set-ups for your little scholar

By Kristen Vinakmens
Homework stations

Room for two

Got two kids who each need their own place to study? If you’ve got the space, two tables set side-by-side can fit the bill. The kids can decorate their own areas and share supplies in the middle. Rolling drawers make it easy to store paper and artwork.

My space

Carve out a corner of her bedroom to create a calm workspace that fits with the décor. A good work area doesn’t have to take up a lot of room; the desk is compact but expands for more work area. A bookshelf at her fingertips, filled with baskets and storage boxes, can help hide away supplies papers and other treasures.

Homework to go

A kitchen counter can double as a workstation for kids who don’t mind the hustle and bustle. Colourful handled caddies make it easy to haul supplies to the dining or kitchen table so Mom or dad can help with the hard stuff. It also helps keep gear organized when sharing a multi-purpose space.
Get smart: Use these tips to help your kids study better

Build in breaks. Taking a 10-minute (or less) break once every half-hour can keep little minds refreshed and ready to tackle those assignments.

Help out, but don’t do the work. Sometimes talking out a tough math problem – or going step-by-step through a similar question – can help kids figure the rest out for themselves.

Make it fun. Unveil a sparkly pencil that’s only for homework time or serve up some brain food: a healthy snack, such as fruit and whole-grain crackers, can keep them focused.

Keep it quiet. Create a noise-free zone and keep the TV or stereo turned off (but a bit of music can be OK for some kids).

Set a good example. Practice what you preach by doing your own “homework”: tackle paying your bills or catching up on your reading.

This article was originally published on Sep 01, 2008

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