27 adorable gifts for the furry friends in your life

More than just a pet, these guys are family. This year, spoil them right!

27 adorable gifts for the furry friends in your life

Don't forget about your furry friends this holiday season—let's be real, spending time with them has been one of the only things getting us through the last few months! Spoil them with something adorable. Here are our favourite gifts for the special pet in your life.

1. Pooch Park Plaid Puffer

cute dog in plaid puffer jacket for winter Photo: Roots

2. Found My Animal Dark Tan Adjustable Rope Leash for Dogs

natural rope leash for dogs Photo: Timmie Dog Outfitters

3. Top Fin Twinsies Betta Tank

desk with fish tank and jar of pencils Photo: PetSmart


4. PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy

cat playing with interactive cat toy Photo: Pet Fusion

5. Dog Bodysuit

tie dye dog bodysuit Photo: Nordstrom

6. Cookie Pal Turmeric & Ginger

human-safe dog treats Photo: Cookie Pal

7. Cat Orb

two cats on wicker orb on stand Photo: Litter Robot

8. Dino-Santa Dog Toy

dino santa dog toy Photo: TJX


9. Shark Cyclone X2 Pro Hand Vacuum

pet vacuum Photo: Shark

10. Shangmeite Dog Treat Ball

planet-shaped dog treat dispenser toy Photo: Amazon

11. Merry & Bright Guinea Pig Reindeer Costume

guinea pig in reindeer costume Photo: PetSmart

12. MILK Ceramic cat water fountain

vignette with cat fountain Photo: Etsy

From $130,

13. The Casper Dog mattress

blue dog mattress Photo: Casper


From $150,

14. Sriracha Wool Dog Toy

wool Sriracha dog toy Photo: Nordstrom

15. Custom Pet Bowl

dog with custom pet bowl Photo: Fujifilm Printlife

16. Aesop Animal Cleanser Shampoo

fancy pet shampoo Photo: Aesop

17. Dog Smart Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

brain game for dogs Photo: Amazon


18. Best Co-Worker Ever Dog Hoodie

dog wearing red hoodie that says "best coworker ever" Photo: TJX


19. Mug & Pet Bowl Set

box with matching cup and cat dish set Photo: The Bay

20. Rosa Floral Dog Collar

floral dog collar Photo: Nordstrom

21. Fancy Feast Advent Calendar

advent calendar of cat foods Photo: Purina

22. Cat tunnel

cat tunnel Photo: TJX

23. Nite Ize Nite Howl LED Safety Necklace

dog wearing safety light up collar Photo: Mec



24. Merry & Bright Elf Bearded Dragon Costume

reptile in elf costume Photo: PetSmart

25. Unlined Wellies

dog wearing yellow boots Photo: Canada Pooch

From $22,

26. DNA MY Dog - Canine Breed Identification Test Kit

DNA kit for dogs Photo: Amazon

27. Boomer 8 Dog Bowl

coral insulated dog bowl Photo: Yeti

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