Here come the holiday parties

Amy and her family are looking forward to several holiday parties hosted by special needs agencies

Whoa! We’ve been invited to FIVE early December holiday parties. These festive frolics are hosted by our local autism and special needs organizations. Talia’s favourite annual event (by Sunrise Therapeutic Riding) includes a pot luck dinner, gifts and a DJ dance. At other agency get-togethers, we nibble cookies, sip ruby punch and try an ingenious craft or two. 
For us, it’s important to show up. At these events, we connect with other families in the special needs world. We also love chatting with the program leaders who work hard for our kids. The more we’re connected as a special needs community, the more we can support each other. Together, we have a powerful, collective voice to advocate for our kids.
Most of all, these celebrations are incredibly fun for my girl. Tal’s already picked out her new festive party gear from Winners — skinny black pants and a sparkly pink top. (I heard pink is the new red!) Last night, we wrote our community events on the family fridge calendar. That way, Tal can keep track and look forward to them.
Do you go to holiday parties hosted by special needs organizations in your community? How do you make your kids feel comfortable at a crowded event?
Photo by meddygarnet via Flickr

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