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We're Obsessed with Happy Wolf Bars—Here's Why

Full of fiber, protein and healthy fats—what's not to love?

We're Obsessed with Happy Wolf Bars—Here's Why

Happy Wolf

With oodles of snacks offered to our little ones, it’s challenging for parents to find top-tier treats. Here’s a tip: add healthy toddler snacks and fiber-rich foods into their diet to keep them in good spirits, mentally and physically.

That’s why we love Happy Wolf bars — they’re full of rich nutrients like fiber and protein and include high-quality organic ingredients. They’ve earned a spot on our healthy packaged snacks list in a short time!

What are Happy Wolf bars?

Happy Wolf bars are a delicious line of organic snack bars, perfect for toddlers and kids. They’re made with the simplest whole-food ingredients, like sunflower seed butter, pumpkin seed butter, and oats, sweetened with dates and honey.

With four core flavors (Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon, Choco-Banana), each pack of bars is naturally high in nutrients like healthy fats, fiber, protein, iron and potassium. Even the pickiest eaters approve of these yummy toddler snack ideas in taste tests.

Parents appreciate the simple ingredients suitable for even the most sensitive digestive systems.

Happy Wolf Bars Happy Wolf

They're top-nine allergen-free, which includes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat/gluten, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy and sesame— perfect for nut-free classrooms, birthday parties and summer camps.

For the best taste and texture, keep the bars refrigerated. Refrigeration keeps the ingredients fresh and the oil in the organic sunflower seed butter and pumpkin seed butter from separating. If you're on-the-go, we suggest freezing the bars and letting them thaw in a lunchbox or backpack.

The best Happy Wolf bar flavors to try

Chocolate Chip

Happy Wolf Bars Chocolate Chip

Made with date-sweetened chocolate chips, this bar delivers the rich flavor of a chocolate brownie. Packed with three grams of protein and two grams of fiber per serving, they’re naturally nutritious and keep your little one full and happy for longer. It’s the perfect mid-snack pick-me-up!



Happy Wolf Bars Strawberry

This bar is the ultimate touch of summery sweetness, made with organic freeze-dried strawberries. With six grams of healthy fats per serving, the fruity flavor pairs perfectly with the sunflower seed butter base for a clean, school-safe snack reminiscent of your kiddo’s favorite PB&J.


Happy Wolf Bars Choco-Banana


FYI: Happy Wolf’s Choco-Banana bars are made with real banana and cacao butter. Made from whole-food ingredients, the bar is packed with fiber and protein to boost energy. For lovers of banana pancakes or fresh chocolate chip banana bread, this flavor is the perfect replacement sans the sugar rush.

Where to buy Happy Wolf bars for toddlers

Keep the happiness going and grab a box of Happy Wolf bars! In the US, they’re available at select grocery stores, and on the brand's website. For Canadian pals, snag the bars at online grocery retailer Natura Market.

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