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Getting back on track after the holidays

Editor-in-Chief Karine Ewart tries to get her family's routine back to normal after a hectic holiday season.

By Karine Ewart
Getting back on track after the holidays

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So, the kids are still off from school and I am back at work. And I am happy to be back! We had a great holiday, perhaps our best Christmas ever, but the lack of schedule, the constant need for entertainment and the non-stop question, “Is there anything to eat?” has made the transition back to the office much easier. (To be clear, I am referring to my kids, not my husband.)
My kids need to get back to school. We are out of our routine (even though it is rather flexible, it's still a routine nonetheless); they are going to bed late, sleeping in late and basically staying in their PJ’s all day long, unless a sporting event or family dinner requires appropriate clothing. (And they aren’t even teenagers yet!)
There has been no homework, no piano, and save but for a hockey game or two, there hasn’t been a ton of activities (unless you count the tobogganing we did last week — which was so much fun). We were busy on and off but, truthfully, the winter break has been a child’s dream: wake up, eat, play video games and/or watch TV, eat, go outside and play, eat, more electronics of some kind, eat.
So it’s no surprise that most of my New Year’s resolutions are all about getting back on track:

  • One hour per day of screen time only after they have had an hour of physical activity
  • No electronics after 8 p.m., (including TV)
  • In bed — their beds, not ours! —to read by 8: 30 p.m.
  • Hardccore on the paleo diet

I also hope to spend more quality time with the little monsters, especially once we are back on schedule, even if that means cooking together, bringing them grocery shopping or just getting up a little earlier in the morning so I can erase the phrase, “HURRY UP AND GET IN THE CAR!!” from my vocabulary.
I am really looking forward to simplifying things and just slowing down. Of course, next week is Wyatt and Theo’s birthday: Invitations, cake, crafts, more presents… times two. OK, we’ll start the resolutions right now but maybe we’ll have to wait to slow down until after the party. (It will happen though, right?)

What are your New Year's resolutions?

This article was originally published on Jan 04, 2013

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