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Find the energy to run

The question Run-at-home mom blogger Jennifer Pinarski is asked most often is where does she find the energy? Truth is, not all runs are energetic

By Jennifer Pinarski
Find the energy to run

"You're out again today? Where do you find the energy?"

This question was asked by my 88-year-old neighbour, Mr. W. No slouch himself, he wakes up daily at 6:30 a.m. to lift weights and follows it up with a two-mile walk. Most afternoons we meet each other on our hilly rural road. I usually have at least one child in the running stroller, plus our dog Murphy. Most afternoons it is my second walk or run for the day and I run into Mr. W who is also out for his second walk of the day (following his afternoon nap, of course).

Truth is, by the afternoon I don't have that much energy and it's all I can do to tuck the kids into their stroller with a few Sesame Street podcasts and their favourite snacks. It's not a pretty sight at the end of my stroller runs - I'm exhausted and the kids are usually crabbing at each other because the snacks are gone. The only one that still raring to go is the dog (which is why I end up running twice a day - she is relentless!)

Parenting is a physically demanding job. How many times in a day are you begged for piggy big rides, to play soccer, to chase imaginary bad guys or race a toddler through the grocery store?  I find that as a runner, the more I run, the more energetic and less stressed out and anxious I feel. Running gives me the energy to parent our two young children - and the mental sharpness to be the best parent I can be.

Truth is, I want to be like my neighbour when I'm 88. And I won't be like that by just standing still.

What do you find that gives you the most energy to keep up with your children?

This article was originally published on Oct 27, 2011

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