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Farewell, fellow savers!

With a little bit of sadness, and a little more money in the bank, Sandra signs off from her Today's Parent blog.


If you've been following this blog for a while, and you notice that I've been kind of quiet lately, you know that's not at all like me.

My new job has been keeping me busy and, truthfully, after nearly five years of baring my financial soul, I'm finding that (gasp!) I'm running out of things to confess.

The personal finance writer in me knows that's a good sign. Having less to talk about means there are fewer OMG money moments in the life I share with my husband, Matt, and our two daughters. Now the girls are older, we're spending less — way less — on child care. (Yes, cash-strapped parents with one kid in the infant room and another in preschool: It does get less expensive!)

When I started this blog, Matt and I decided to make the move to our "forever home." And although we took care to stay well within our self-imposed price ceiling, I worried about the larger mortgage payments. We were determined not to fall into the trap that so many young families do of going into debt to service our debt, or thinking we were doing OK because we were making minimum payments every month, and no one was knocking on our door over a bounced cheque. (Reminder: Neither of those two scenarios reflects a healthy financial situation!) I figured that writing about our money situation would keep us on track and, possibly, also help out other families like us.

I hope that over the years I've helped take the mystery and scariness out of issues like mortgage rates, RESPs and insurance. Certainly, I've learned a thing or two from the tips you've shared with me in this space.

Stay money-smart, and don't be a stranger — please keep chatting with me on Twitter @sandraemartin.

This article was originally published on Feb 24, 2013

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