This genius new Ikea product will instantly organize any room in your home

If you can't seem to organize your whole life, at least the Ikea Skadis series can easily organize any room in your home.

By Alexandra Gater, Chatelaine
This genius new Ikea product will instantly organize any room in your home

Photo: Chatelaine

Ikea has just launched the brand new Skadis series—a customizable pegboard that can do everything from organizing your bathroom to corralling craft supplies.

How it works: 1. Hang the pegboard (which costs a mere $20) anywhere that needs organizing—the bathroom, above your desk, your entryway or your kitchen.

Two pegboards. One brown and one white. Photo: Chatelaine

2. There are endless ways to customize the pegboard for just about anything you need organized—from kids’ toys to gift-wrap. The ample add-on accessories include everything from a letter holder, a tool holder for things like scissors, a roll holder perfect for wrapping paper or paper towel, and elastic cords to hold photos or paper.

Four images of the Skadis series. Photo: Chatelaine

Looking for Ikea Skadis inspo? Here’s some brilliant ways to use the Skadis to get your organizational juices flowing:

This Genius New Ikea Product Will Instantly Organize Any Room In Your Home

Use it as a desk divider

White organizer with office suppliesPhoto: Chatelaine

Finally, an easy way to store wrapping paper!

Wrapping paper rollerPhoto: Chatelaine


A genius way to keep kids' toys off the ground. 

Flower wall room with organizerPhoto: Chatelaine

No bathrrom storage? No problem. 

Yellow wall bathroom with organzierPhoto: Chatelaine

Perfect way to create a craft area.

White wall organizer with office suppliesPhoto: Chatelaine

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This article was originally published on Apr 09, 2018

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