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Attention: Registration for the $25 Loblaw gift card is now open

Loblaw is offering customers a gift card after a price-fix admission. Here’s how to get yours.

Attention: Registration for the $25 Loblaw gift card is now open

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Registration for the $25 Loblaw gift card is now open.

The company is offering customers gift cards as a goodwill gesture after admitting the company participated in an industry-wide bread price-fixing arrangement. According to Loblaw, those who register (and are eligible) should get their gift cards within six to 12 weeks by mail. You can fill out the gift card registration form here.

“This conduct should never have happened,” said Galen G. Weston, CEO, during a conference call with analysts when news of price fixing broke.

“The gift card is a direct acknowledgment of that to our customers. We hope that they’ll see it as a meaningful amount that demonstrates our commitment to keeping their trust and confidence,” he said in response to how the company arrived at the card’s $25 value.

In order to redeem a gift card, customers will have to declare that they are the age of majority or older, said spokesman Kevin Groh, in an email.

The age of majority is 18 in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, P.E.I., Quebec and Saskatchewan. It is 19 in B.C., New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and the three territories.

They will also have to declare that they bought certain packaged bread products at one of the eligible banner stores in Canada before March 1, 2015, he said.

Registration closes May 8.


The company expects three million to six million people will receive the gift card.

If you’d like to donate your gift card to a food bank (as a social media push has encouraged people to do), you can find your nearest food bank here. 

The latest on how the gift card affects any potential class action lawsuit payout from MoneySense: “There have been rumblings that Canadians shouldn’t take the $25 gift card because it could disqualify them from participating in the class action suits, which hold out the possibility of a much, much bigger payoff than the gift cards. However, lawyers as well as company spokespeople say you can claim the gift card without fear of being barred from future legal settlements. In fact, Loblaw itself noted that the $25 gift card should not be looked at as the only estimate of legal damages.”

Here’s where to redeem the offer for the $25 Loblaw gift card: Visit the gift card registration form here.


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