Try breakfast for dinner!

Sweet Potato says... Stuck in a rut? Blow their minds with pancakes tonight!

Photo by Jodi Pudge

Having a roster of healthy, easy-to-make meals in your back pocket is not only smart, it’s a matter of self-preservation. There is simply no way to come up with an idea for dinner by mid-afternoon, pray the ingredients are waiting for you at home, and get that meal on the table by 6:30 every night. But once you’ve got your regulars in rotation (hello, chicken parm, veggie chili and shrimp with polenta!), you can afford to throw a curve ball.

And why not pancakes for dinner? They’re fast, can be tinkered with endlessly and are universally loved. In fact, so many breakfasts are great crossover artists. (Don’t even get me started on how many times eggs have saved my dinnertime behind.) But I love these cornmeal pancakes for their texture and the way they hide another serving of veggies. Plus, there are few things as fun as blowing the kids’ minds by answering “Pancakes!” to the nightly “What’s for dinner?” question. —C.M.

What’s so great about cornmeal? Whole-grain cornmeal is like a broom for your digestive system, sweeping through the intestines and colon. Whole grains also help to lower cholesterol.

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