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9 sunscreens you will love

Enjoy more family fun in the sun this summer by knowing that you have a great sunscreen you can trust.

By Karen Robock
9 sunscreens you will love

9 sunscreens you will love

Sunscreen you can trust

The best way to keep everyone protected from sun damage is simple: Stay covered up and stick to the shade. 

As much as that strategy would be ideal, it isn't always possible. To shield your family from as many UV rays as possible, apply sunscreen to exposed skin at least every three hours (if not more). Try some of these great brands to keep yourself and your kids burn free this summer.

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Face: Aveeno

Aveeno active naturals positively ageless moisturizer with SPF 30 is a perfect product for your face, since it has the sunblock you need, with the added tint for a healthy glow. Remember to apply sunscreen over your moisturizer and under your makeup, unless you're using a three-in-one product like this one.
Where to Buy? $28

9 sunscreens you will love


Waterproof: Green Beaver

Green Beaver SPF 30 Kids Body Lotion contains natural ingredients and is certified organic. It is waterproof, fragrance-free and spread evenly, without hassle. 
Where to Buy? $22 
Green Beaver

9 sunscreens you will love

Body: Hawaiian Tropics

Hawaiian Tropics Shimmer Effect SPF 40 Oil-Free sunscreen lotion has a rich, luxurious formula infused with natural extracts that smells amazingly like coconut. It is water resistant for approximately 80 minutes (although should always be reapplied after being wet) and has a beautiful shimmering effect that makes your skin glow!

Where to Buy? $11
Hawaiian Tropic

9 sunscreens you will love

Body: Kibio

Kibio Solaire SPF 50+ face & body suncare lotion protects from sun rays is made from all-natural ingredients. It is waterproof and is dermatologist- and pediatrician-approved for both parent and baby. 
Where to Buy? $30
Shoppers Drug Mart

9 sunscreens you will love


Body: Biotherm

Biotherm high protection lait solaire SPF 30 has a delicious citrus fragrance and a luscious milky texture. Skin will serenely enjoy the benefits of the sun and gradually flaunt that longed-for golden hue.
Where to Buy? $25

9 sunscreens you will love

Body: Substance

Substance natural sun care for baby SPF 30 contains calendula and tea tree extracts to soothe skin while it protects. It creates a natural physical barrier to protect against the elements.
Where to Buy? $18
Matter Company

9 sunscreens you will love

Body: Coppertone

Coppertone Water Babies sunscreen mousse SPF 60 has a texture that makes application easier — no drips and less rubbing-in required. It is waterproof and gentle enough for babies due to its unique blend of moisturizers. 

Where to Buy? $12

9 sunscreens you will love


Body: Ombrelle

L'Oréal Ombrelle Sport continuous spray SPF 15 (also available in 45) is specifically formulated for active individuals. It can be sprayed at any angle for an easy and quick application, meaning it's perfect for your fast-moving little one.
Where to Buy? $18

9 sunscreens you will love

Body: Korres

Korres yoghurt after-sun cooling gel is made in Greece with highly concentrated natural active ingredients. It is a long-lasting ultra-cooling gel that instantly relieves heat and stinging.
Where to Buy? $24

9 sunscreens you will love

Au naturel

You may have heard some scary things about chemical ingredients like oxybenzone, but every dermatologist we talked to agreed: The research on these ingredients hasn't conclusively shown any harmful effects in adults or kids. If you're still wary, or regular sunscreen irritates your kids' skin, look for products that contain zinc or titanium dioxide instead.

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Red hot

Even if you're vigilant about sunscreen reapplication and keeping kids covered up, burns can still happen. Soothe them with a cold compress, oatmeal bath and after-sun lotion. Make a trop to the emergency room if the skin blisters or is accompanied by nausea or dizziness.

9 sunscreens you will lovePhoto: afhunta/

More summer-friendly products

9 sunscreens you will lovePhoto: hannamonika/
This article was originally published on Jun 11, 2012

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