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Seasonal preparation checklist

In preparation for the summer, make sure you and you family are ready for the warmer weather.

By Wendy Haaf
Seasonal preparation checklist

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-Make sure your child’s tetanus shots are up to date.

-If your child has an epinephrine auto-injector for bee or wasp venom allergy, check the expiry date.

-Look up the telephone numbers for your local Poison Control Centre and Telehealth service, and program them into your cellphone.

-Learn the names of the plants in your garden. Tip: Save the stakes from plant pots.

-Remove any mushrooms from your yard.

-Rid your property of mosquito breeding grounds by emptying puddles, bird baths and other pools of standing water.

-Stock your freezer or cooler with ice packs. Make your own by folding paper towels into pads, moistening with water, placing in a zip-top bag and freezing.

A version of this article appeared in our May 2012 issue, with the headline Outdoor Survival Guide (p. 42).

This article was originally published on Apr 20, 2012

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