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Province-by-province autism coverage

Here's the low-down on autism information and coverage in Canada, province-by-province.

By Laura Bickle
Province-by-province autism coverage

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British Columbia

What's covered: Autism intervention services (behaviour consultants, speech-language pathologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists) provided by registry of autism service providers. Children five and under: Early intensive behavioural intervention (IBI). Children six and older: Behavioural support program. Funding Children five and under: up to $20,000/year. Children six to 18: $6,000/year. Misc. 10-13 months average wait times for IBI (available in limited areas). Contact Ministry of Children and Family Development


What's covered: Services and treatment provided through Family Supports for Children with Disabilities Program. Funding   Misc.   Contact Children and Youth Services


What's covered: Funding is provided to the regional health authorities, who then deliver services through existing programs, including children's programs, child and youth services or out-patient rehabilitation services. Funding It's up to the regions to build their programs to meet the highest identified needs in their region. Misc.   Contact Saskatchewan Ministry of Health



What's covered: Preschoolers: IBI for 36 hours per week, five hours of which is home-based. School-aged kids: IBI. Funding $6,000 per year for the home-based portion of IBI. Misc.   Contact Ministry of Family Services and Housing


What's covered: Intensive behavioural intervention (IBI). School Support Program, which assists educators and teaches principles of IBI. Funding Children can receive services directly from one of nine regional service providers, or families can receive funding directly and arrange for services from a list of registered service providers. Misc. Significant waitlist, particularly in highly-populated areas. Contact


What's covered: Pervasive Developmental Disorder Plan offers comprehensive program for preschool and school-aged children. Funding Preschoolers: 20 hours per week of autism therapy/ IBI. Misc.   Contact Régie des rentes du Québec


Nova Scotia

What's covered Preschoolers: IBI. Funding 15 hours per week for first six months: gradually decreased for the next six months. Misc.   Contact Services for Children and Youth

New Brunswick

What's covered Preschoolers: IBI at home, clinic or childcare facility. Funding 20 hours per week. Misc.   Contact Social Development

Prince Edward Island


What's covered Preschoolers: 20 hours per week of IBI. School-aged children:10 hours of support weekly during school months and 20 hours per week in the summer. Funding Preschoolers: about $300 per week for IBI. Misc. waitlist Contact


What's covered Children under six: IBI and other health-related services. Funding About $40,000 for two years of IBI (30 hours per week). Misc.   Contact


What's covered   Funding   Misc.   Contact Department of Health & Social Services



What's covered Family Supports for Children with Disabilities Program provides children with autism a range of services, including Applied Behavioural Analysis. Funding Funding is typically provided to the parents and they are responsible for hiring their own therapists. Misc.   Contact Yukon Health and Social Services

Northwest Territories

What's covered Services are provided by local health authorities. Funding   Misc. Children are sent out-of-province for assessment and diagnosis. Contact Health and Social Services Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of this information. However, coverage, funding and programs may change without notice.

This article was originally published on Oct 06, 2008

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