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Mom's makeup bag reno

9 essentials for a no-fail, everyday face

By Kristen Vinakmens
Mom's makeup bag reno

1. Mineralied powder
To get a velvety, flawless finish, Kilpatrick favours mineralized powders. Made with the light-diffusing mineral mica, these sheer to medium-coverage powders work their magic to soften the look of lines and wrinkles. “It gives a bit of coverage without looking heavy,” says Kilpatrick. Try: Cover FX Mineralized Powder Foundation, $35

2. Concealer
If sleepless nights are your reality, then concealer should be your new best friend. To create a perfect canvas, choose a shade that’s as close to your skin tone as possible. Use this magical camouflage to cover dark areas under your eyes, and imperfections or redness around your nose and below the lip, says Kilpatrick. Try: Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer & Highlighter, $11.95

3. Bronzer
Give winter skin a sun-kissed glow with bronzer, which can take you from pale to pow! in seconds. Kilpatrick recommends using bronzer to highlight areas of the face where the sun hits, including forehead, cheeks and nose. For a truly natural-looking glow, choose a matte bronzer or one with just a little shimmer. Try: Hoola by Benefit, $35

4. Neutral blush
To wake up a tired complexion, a pinky-peach blush is a makeup bag must-have; it gives you an instant hit of radiance that still looks natural. Kilpatrick opts for pink-toned blush, combined with a bit of bronzer to warm it up, and applies it to the apples of the cheeks. Try: Cargo Blu-Ray Blush/High-lighter, $35

5. Eyebrow powder & 6. Angled brush
Just as the eyes are the window to the soul, your brows frame your face. And well-groomed brows, with the help of brow powder, lift and open up your eyes, says Kilpatrick. Fill in sparse brows using an angled brush and brow powder — which gives a softer look than the harsh edge of a pencil. Choose a shade to match your hair. Try: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo, $22 US, and Mini Duo Angled Cut Spooley Brush, $18 US

6. Eyelash curler
For an instant eyelift, Kilpatrick swears by the eyelash curler: “It gives the illusion of a brighter eye.” While some may fear this scary-looking beauty implement, Kilpatrick says it’s easy to use and recommends that beginners start at the tip of the lash and, once they get used to it, work down to the root. Try: Quo Eyelash Curler, $4.50

7. Tinted lip balm
You’re probably already using one to keep chapped lips at bay, but a tinted balm can go that extra mile to perk up your face and keep you looking polished. Kilpatrick recommends choosing a tinted balm with SPF 15, which protects lips as it gives a pretty, sheer, natural-looking sheen. Try: MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15, $16

8. Mascara
For eyes that pop, look no further than mascara. But which one should you choose? “It’s all about the wand,” says Kilpatrick. “I like the fatter ones, which will give volume, depth and thickness.” Position the brush right at the root and “shimmy” it up your lashes to get good coverage. Try: L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara, $10

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Cosmetic Replace every Powders (blush, foundation, eyeshadow) 12 months Liquids 6 to 8 months Lipstick 6 months Cream eyeshadow 3 to 6 months Mascara 3 months

This article was originally published on Nov 10, 2008

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