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7 hiccup home remedies (that work!)

We asked and you sent us your fool-proof hiccup home remedies. Here are some of the best recommendations!

By Today's Parent
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Science says there's no way to cure your hiccups, but there's no harm in giving these fun suggestions a shot.

  1. "Plug your ears and chug water with a straw." —Sara Gallant Reeve, Stoney Creek, Ont.
  2. "Put a piece of paper on your head and try to keep it there for at least a minute." —Erina Dawne McNicol, Powell River, BC
  3. "Stand up tall, raise your left arm above your head and bend slightly to the right until you feel a pull. Take slow, deep breaths from your diaphragm." —Amy Nicole, Toronto
  4. "Rub your earlobes for a minute or two." —Tanya Work, Calgary
  5. "Drink a shot of vinegar." —Ana Pakenham, Kimberley, BC
  6. "Take 10 sips of water upside down (bending at the hips)." —April Rasmussen, Drumheller, Alta.
  7. "Tickle the person who hiccups. It works every time, and the kids love it!" —Anna Whidden, Ottawa

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