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Calculate your kid's adult height with this simple formula

It's hard to imagine that one day, your little shorty may be taller than you. Here's how to predict whether she'll be tiny or towering.

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It's fun to imagine how tall your tiny bundle of joy will one day grow up to be. And now you can guess-timate their adult height with a simple formula doctors have used since 1970.

For your little boy, combine the height of mom and dad, add five inches (or 13 centimetres) and divide that by two.

For your little girl, combine the height of mom and dad, subtract five inches and divide that by two.

Your kid's future height can vary due to environmental factors such as nutrition. However, 60-80% of a person's adult height is based on genetics. Who knew?

Keep in mind, not all your kids will end up the same height, even if they are the same sex. Younger siblings tend to be shorter than first-born children and they may grow more slowly.

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