Advertorial: How to get your tween to pay more attention to oral care

From our sponsor, Crest: Tips and tricks for getting them to care for their teeth now.

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Busy schedules and late nights can lead to a less than focused approach to oral care — especially in kids. As your kids enter their tween years, everyone’s lives suddenly get a lot busier. There’s school and resulting homework, extracurricular activities and sports and let’s not forget, friends. During this hectic time in everyone’s lives, it’s important to make sure that good habits don’t fall by the wayside — and that includes oral care. Here are some ways to get your kids thinking about the health of their mouths.

  • Timing is everything. Ideally, each teeth cleaning should last approximately 2 minutes. It’s not a long time. In fact, show them how small the time commitment is by using a kitchen timer, TV commercial break (The typical TV commercial break is 2-3 minutes in length) or the length of time to make their morning toast. Before they know it, they’re done.
  • Reward good behaviour. A trip to the dentist will always reveal your tween’s oral care habits. By rewarding a cavity-free check-up, they’ll have an incentive to keep their teeth and gums healthy and happy. Just remember, stick to rewards that don’t stick to their teeth. Translation: keep it candy-free.
  • Let them choose the features they like. Whether its flavour, colour or designs, giving your tween a voice when it comes to choosing the products will go a long way in maintaining their interest. The Crest Pro-Health For Me line of oral care products are designed for kids 8-12 years and make brushing, flossing and rinsing fun.

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