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Advertorial: Focus on oral care and orthodontics

From our sponsor, Crest: Clean braces make for happy, health-looking smiles today and tomorrow.

By Provided by Crest
Advertorial: Focus on oral care and orthodontics

Image provided by Crest

If you’ve ever had braces, you know the challenges they can present when it comes to eating, and consequently, cleaning. Braces create all kinds of hiding places where food and plaque can get trapped. Follow these easy care steps from Crest to ensure that when the braces come off, your tween gets the picture perfect smile you paid for.

  • Take off elastics, and any other removable parts of your orthodontic appliance.
  • Clean your braces. Use your brush at a 45-degree angle to clean around the wires and pins of your braces. Brush from the top of each wire and then from the bottom. (Take time to ensure that all plaque and debris are removed, and that you work all the way around upper and lower teeth.)
  • Brush your teeth. Clean each tooth individually. First, place your brush at a 45-degree angle to the junction between the tooth and the gum, then apply gentle pressure as you move in a circular motion. Do this for about 10 seconds. Use the same brushing action on all outer and inner tooth surfaces, tilting the brush as needed to better reach the insides of smaller front teeth.
  • Rinse. Rinsing thoroughly with a mouthwash like Crest Pro-Health For Me will help to reach places that may have been missed while brushing.
  • Check your teeth. Be sure to examine your teeth and braces in the mirror. They should sparkle, shine and feel clean.

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This article was originally published on Apr 02, 2012

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