Easy Earth Day activity for kids: plant a tree

Planting a tree is an easy Earth Day activity for kids, and they'll love giving back to Mother Nature.

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This activity is great for all ages, with help. “Kids are thrilled to learn that the tree they plant can live hundreds or even a thousand years,” says Sean Fox, horticulturalist at The Arboretum at the University of Guelph, Ont.

You’ll need:

  • one gallon pot holding a small native tree, such as sugar maple, white cedar, paper birch or tamarack (about $10 from a nursery)
  • adult- and kid-sized shovels and gardening gloves
  • large watering can


  1. Dig a hole 2 to 3 times the diameter of the pot and deep enough to hold the soil and roots.
  2. Remove the tree from the pot and place it in the hole.
  3. Cover the roots with loose soil.
  4. Thoroughly soak the tree by emptying several large watering cans or using an irrigation soaker.
  5. For the first few years, water it well once a week if the weather is dry.
  6. Track your tree’s growth with regular photos.

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