8 Easter Wreath Ideas for Families

You'll be hoppy you checked out all these adorable Easter wreath ideas for families.

8 Easter Wreath Ideas for Families


After an unseasonably warm winter, we’re welcoming spring. Along with budding trees and confusing weather comes the pastel-branded Easter. As store aisles fill up with chocolate bunnies, colorful eggs and other Easter gifts for kids, you may be on the lookout for a cute Easter wreath to spread joy in your home.

This year, Easter falls on Sunday, March 31. That means you have plenty of time to buy—or make—a festive wreath to spice up your door. Whether it’s decked out with bunny decals, pastel-hued ribbons or cutesy egg decor, having an Easter wreath is fully customizable and is a fun activity for kids and parents alike.

8 Easter wreath ideas for families

Gingham Galore Spring Wreath

Gingham Galore Wreath, easter wreath ideas for families Canva/Getty

Looking for a subtle way to decorate for Easter? Pastel colors, dainty kindling and florals are a great way to appreciate the holiday. This wreath idea is fairly simple and only requires a few supplies to look egg-tastic.

Start with a wooden wreath base, this will make the wreath-making process easier because that's half the process. To make the wreath come to life, grab a few gingham heart ornaments and faux purple tulips. With your trusty glue gun, let your creativity shine — adorn the wreath in your desired method, and voilà!

What you need:

Hoppy Easter Wreath

A Very Hoppy Easter Wreath, easter wreath ideas for families Canva/Getty


To jump into Easter (literally), this wreath craft is ideal. Adorned with faux greenery and gold accents, the star of this decor piece is the removable bunny ears — it’s the perfect craft for your little ones while you assemble the entire wreath. Bonus: if you remove the Easter bunny ears, you can leave it up year-round!

Using a wire wreath base, start weaving faux leaf garland in and out, ensuring that you cover up the entire base. With your glue gun in tow, place golden baubles throughout the greenery. In the midst of this, grab your kiddo and get them to draw their best bunny ears using brown and cream construction paper. Cut them out with scissors and hot glue the ears to the back of the wreath, allowing them to pop out!

What you need:

Ribbons ‘N’ Bows Wreath

Ribbons ‘N’ Bows Wreath, easter wreath ideas for families Canva/Getty

When in doubt, put a bow on it—or a few! This wreath is oh-so-cute and the perfect accessory for any Easter festivities. While it’s fairly easy to assemble, the best part about this wreath is it’s a great craft for the entire family.

The first and most important step is plain-colored Easter eggs, which are the wreath’s base. To add some personalization, give everyone a white paint pen to doodle on the eggs — there’s no wrong way to do it! Then, grab a glue gun and assemble the eggs in the shape of a wreath. Top it off with some Easter-themed ribbon and bring it to your next festive dinner.

What you need:

A Mother’s Nest Rustic Easter Wreath

A Mother’s Nest Wreath, easter wreath ideas for families Canva/Getty

No matter our age, it’s important to cherish the love of a mother — and this woodsy wreath is a top-tier example. It’s the perfect decor piece to hang on the front door, suggesting a warm, welcome home. Did we mention this festive wreath is super easy to make and fun for the kids to help with?

With a wooden twig wreath base, grab your glue gun and start adorning the plain wreath with white speckled eggs, brown craft feathers and faux leaf garland. In combination, these supplies give the illusion of a bird’s nest hidden in the trees. You could stop there, but we suggest using fun Easter-themed ribbon to take the wreath to the next level.

What you need:

Looking for some pre-made options? We’ve got you covered.

Artificial Flowers Easter Wreath with Mini Eggs

DIYFLORU Artificial Easter Wreath, easter wreath ideas for families Merchant


Florals for spring? Groundbreaking! This chic artificial Easter wreath is the perfect addition to a door or wall that needs sprucing up. Not only is this a way to add visual interest, but it’s also a great way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for yourself and your guests.

Ideal for indoor use, the design of the 22-inch wreath combines spring and Easter elements—which we love. It can be used as a festive floral piece, or you can remove the Easter eggs and use it as spring floral decor. Use it as an eye-catching spring wreath well beyond Easter.

Pastel Colors Easter Egg Wreath

WDS WONDROUS Colorful Easter Egg Wreath, easter wreath ideas for families Merchant

Add a festive touch to your Easter decor with this egg-tastic wreath. This wreath is sure to bring joy and cheer to your home during the four-day holiday, featuring a beautiful combination of pastel-colored eggs with adorable speckles.

Twisted together by vines and adorned with shades of pink and purple flowers, each speckled egg on the 13.4-inch wreath is carefully crafted from foam — providing a lightweight yet durable decoration that will last for seasons to come. Moreover, the wreath is ready to hang right out of the box!

LLZLL 15" Easter Egg Wreath

LLZLL 15" Easter Egg Wreath, easter wreath ideas for families Merchant

With pastel hues, speckled eggs and the Easter Bunny, this wreath screams festive. The focal point is an adorable pink wooden rabbit, that we can’t get enough of. The decor piece is handmade with colorful Easter eggs on a natural grapevine base, both made with premium materials — there’s no need for special maintenance, this wreath lasts for a long time.

At 15 inches, the wreath can elevate any space needing a touch of Easter breath. “The pastel eggs are beautiful colors, with just the right amount of floral fill. [I] absolutely love this wreath & intend to use as my Easter Table centerpiece!” shares verified Amazon shopper L Beel.

“It's a gorgeous decoration for many uses. I think so much of this wreath that I gave as a birthday gift to my sister, who has everything but this wreath!

Bunny Ears Easter Wreath

VGIA 27 Inch Artificial Easter Wreath, easter wreath ideas for families Merchant


This wreath is the epitome of Easter. After all, the rattan decor piece resembles the shape of a bunny! Adorned with speckled foam colorful eggs, wildflowers and branches, the wreath is accented with a raffia bow and a nest. This handcrafted bunny can be displayed anywhere in your home to keep the spirits alive and close to spring.

With measurements of 27” (length) by 12” (width), the bunny-sized wreath has received rave reviews. “I love this decoration for my front door. Especially for the price, it’s great quality and [the] perfect size,” says verified Amazon buyer JustMe. Best of all, the wreath can be folded and easy to store in a box post-Easter!

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