Dressing for spring running

Wild winds and temperature swings mean that dressing for spring running can be a challenge. Run-at-home mom Jennifer offers her tips

By Jennifer Pinarski
Dressing for spring running

Spring weather means wearing a hat one minute and a toque the next. Or both at once.

Like all runners, I have two obsessions: gear and weather. 
Dressing for winter and summer weather are relative no-brainers. In winter, wear a lot. In summer, wear less. Spring is this awkward in-between time that I have a hard time getting a handle on. We still have a good amount of snow in Ontario cottage country, and daytime temperatures hover around 2°C. Here’s what I’ve been wearing for the last week:
Wicking socks that keep me warm! I’ve had this pair for two years and have logged hundreds of miles in them. Only now are they starting to wear out at the heels.
Lightweight and wicking. I’ve had this toque for eight years and other than smelling a bit funky, it still looks great. 
Totally windproof. I find I overheat with them on, and it's too cold with them off. I stash them in my pockets and they are off and on often during my run.
Early morning and post-bedtime miles mean I’m out there in the dark. Love this headlamp — not too heavy and great peripheral lighting.
CW-X calls this bra supportive, but I call it it smushy. There is absolutely no jiggling with this bra, but be prepared to ask for help taking it off. It isn’t my first choice for a bra, but it’s the only one I own right now that fits properly.
A MEC fleece shirt. Like most of my running gear, it's eight years old. No longer carried by MEC, it’s made out of recycled pop bottles, and it's pink and still in perfect condition. I bought it because it was pink and matched all of my running gear. 
A MEC cycling vest that is, you guessed it, eight years old, still in perfect condition and no longer carried by MEC. It has a windproof front and mesh back with two pockets. Perfect for storing gels and my phone, and the mesh back keeps me from overheating.
Wicking underpants with flat seams. Do not wear cotton underpants when running! I like that these are longer and prevent chafing.
The ubiquitous Running Room tights. Nearly every runner I know has them and loves them. I bought them when I first started running 12 years ago, and they are indestructible. I’m not ready to run in tights yet — I need that extra windproof layer.
What is the spring weather like where you are? What are you wearing on your runs?
This article was originally published on Mar 05, 2012

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