Do your kids mimic some of your words or gestures?

Amy notices that sometimes Talia imitates her favourite expressions

Photo by daveparker via Flickr

Last night, Tal was itching to go grocery shopping. Specifically, she wanted to make the list herself and choose foods that she wanted. For once, we decided to let her — but only if she she bought a few items. So, she carefully checked off her favourite foods on a pre-fab, grocery list — we use up a magnetic, check-box shopping list from Chapters. And off she went with Jack.

Back at home, Jack and Tal unpacked the cloth grocery bags. Tal happily displayed her grocery goodies: ground turkey, chicken thighs to make Indian butter chicken, juice boxes (a treat — instead of her usual re-usable container) and a large chicken pot pie (something I never buy). Hmm — there’s a plethora of poultry in our pantry now.

“Wow, Tal,” I said. “That’s great. Now we’ve got lots of things for dinner. Thanks for going shopping. That’s a big help.”

Tal looked at me and said: “No problem at all, babe. My pleasure.”

I smirked. My daughter has turned into Mini-Me. She’s starting to use my favourite expressions. 

What about your kids? Do they copy some of your words or gestures?

Photo by daveparker via Flickr

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