Do your kids make you laugh?

By Amy

OK--I admit it. This back-to-school, back-to-routine, back-to-therapies and back-to-advocacy makes me CRABBY! Just ask Jack. Last night, while ploughing through a huge stack of Talia-related paperwork, I lost it on him. “I can’t be in charge of all of this,” I ranted. “This is a full-time job! You do it!"

But today, my daughter "uncrabbyfied' me. Big time. She made me laugh.

First--a little background: When chatting with Tal, I often say, “You’ve got it Toyota!” For example, if Talia says: “You’ll pick me up at the Y at 6?” I might answer, “You’ve got it Toyota!” (Recognize this phrase from an old Toyota car ad?) Anyhow, I’ve used this expression with Tal for years.

After school today, we enjoyed pears and unsalted nuts together at the kitchen table. As we chatted I responded with my usual: “You’ve got it Toyota.”

Tal stopped munching and looked me in the eye. She said quietly (but oh-so-clearly): “I’m NOT a Toyota. I’m NOT a car.”

I laughed. Hysterically. And hugged Tal. And kissed her on top of her head. Priceless. Sometimes special needs parenting feels relentless. It’s definitely not for wimps. But the good stuff, the funny stuff, the moments of connection are pure gold. Like when our kids remind us that they are NOT cars.

Hope you’re finding some lightness in this back-to-school week. Have YOUR kids made you laugh lately?

This article was originally published on Sep 07, 2011

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