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Decoding kids' text messages

Read through our acronym dictionary to find out what your kids are talking about via text.

By Haley Overland
Decoding kids' text messages

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Kids everywhere are baffling parents with their truly creative text speak. If you’re trying to keep track of what your kids are talking about with their friends (or if you just can’t understand what they’re trying to say when they text you), take a read through our handy-dandy text-message decoder. Happy texting!

:-) - Smile
:-( - Sad
;-) - Wink
:-D - Grinning or laughing
:-P - Tongue sticking out
:-* - Kiss
:-/ - Unsure
:-| - Indifferent
:-S - Smirk
:-O - Shocked
>:( - Mad
:-? - Confused
:’( - Crying
:-X - Lips are sealed
o:-) - Angel
<3 - Heart or love
143 - I love you
411 - Information
459 - I love you
A3 - Anytime, anywhere, anyplace
AAK - Alive and kicking
AAMOF - As a matter of fact
Addy - Address
ADN - Any day now
AEAP - As early as possible
AFAIC - As far as I’m concerned
AFAICS - As far as I can see
AFAICT - As far as I can tell
AFAIK - As far as I know
AFAYC - As far as you’re concerned
AFK - Away from keyboard
AFN - All for now
AISI - As I see it
AIUI - As I understand it
AKA - Also known as
AML - All my love
ANFSCD - And now for something completely different
ASAP - As soon as possible
ATM - At this moment
AWA - As well as
AWGTHTGTTA - Are we going to have to go through this again?
AYOR - At your own risk
AYPI - And your point is?
AYT - Are you there?
B& - Banned
B/C - Because
B/F - Boyfriend
B/W - Between
B4 - Before
B4N - Bye for now
BAG - Busting a gut
BBIAB - Be back in a bit
BBL - Be back later
BBR - Burnt beyond repair
BBS - Be back soon
BC - Be cool
BCnU - Be seeing you
BEG - Big evil grin
BD - Big deal
BF - Boyfriend or best friend
BFN - Bye for now
BFF - Best friend forever
BFFL - Best friends for life
BG - Big grin
BION - Believe it or not
BITMT - But in the meantime
BM - Bite me
BMTIPG - Brilliant minds think in parallel gutters
BKA - Better known as
BL - Belly laughing
BOT - Back on topic
BRB - Be right back
BRBS - Be right back soon
BS - Big smile (**or the definition we think you already know)
BSF - But seriously folks
BST - But seriously though
BTA - But then again
BTAIM - Be that as it may
BTDT - Been there done that
BTOBD - Be there or be dead
BTOBS - Be there or be square
BTW - By the way
BUDWEISER - Because you deserve what every individual should ever receive
BWQ - Buzz word quotient
BWTHDIK - But what the heck do I know
C&G - Chuckle & grin
CAD - Ctrl Alt Delete
CADET - Can’t add, doesn’t even try
CDIWY - Couldn’t do it without you
CD9 - Code 9 – Parents are around (**keep an eye out for this one)
CID - Crying in disgrace
CMI - Count me in
CMIIW - Correct me if I’m wrong
CSG - Chuckle snicker grin
CTN - Can’t talk now
CTS - Changing the subject
CU - See you
CU2 - See you too
CUL - See you later
CUL8R - See you later
CWOT - Complete waste of time
CWYL - Chat with you later
CYA - See ya
CYAL8R - See ya later
CYE - Check your email
CYRMA - Call your mother (**keep an eye out for this one)
CYO - See you online
CYT - See You Tomorrow
DCed - Disconnected
DEGT - Don’t even go there
DIIK - Darn if I know
DIRTFT - Do it right the first time
DIS - Did I say
DITYID - Did I tell you I’m distressed
DIY - Do it yourself
DK - Don’t know
DL - Download
DL - Dead link
DLTBBB - Don’t let the bed bugs bite
DMMGH - Don’t make me get hostile
DQMOT - Don’t quote me on this
EG - Evil grin
EM - Email
EM - Excuse me?
EOD - End of discussion
EZ - Easy
F2F - Face to face
F2T - Free to talk
FOCL - Falling off chair laughing
FYEO - For your eyes only
FYI - For your information
FTW - For the win
G2G - Gotta go / Get together
GAL - Get a life
GBH - Great big hug
GF - Girlfriend
GGOH - Gotta get outta here
GJ - Good job
GL - Good luck
GMTA - Great minds think alike
GR&D - Grinning running & ducking
GTR - Got to run
GUDLUK - Good luck

Read on for more text speak>H&K - Hugs and kisses
HAGD - Have a good day
HAGO - Have a good one
HB - Hurry back
HF - Have fun
Homg - Oh my gosh
HTH - Hope that helps
IAD8 - It’s a date
IB - I’m back
IC - I see
IDC - I don’t care
IDK - I don’t know
IDTS - I don’t think so
ILU - I love you
ILUL - I love you lots
IMHO - In my humble/honest opinion
IMNECTHO - In my not-even-close to humble opinion
IMNSHO - In my not-so-humble opinion
IMO - In my opinion
IRL - In real life
IYKWIM - If you know what I mean
IWYWH - I wish you were here
JAS - Just a second
JC - Just chilling
JIC - Just in case
JK - Just kidding
JP - Just playing
JW - Just wondering
KIT - Keep in touch
KPT - Keeping parents clueless (**keep an eye out for this one)
KWIM - Know what I mean?
L8 - Late
L8R - Later
LDR - Long distance relationship
LMK - Let me know
LOL - Laugh(ing) out loud
LAFFO - Laughing out loud
LHO - Laughing my head off
LMSO - Laughing my socks off
LOLUSA - Laughing out loud until my sides ache
LOLZ - Laugh(ing) out loud
LQ2MS - Laughing quietly to myself
LQTS - Laughing quietly to self
LTNS - Long time no see
LY - Love you
LYN - Lying
MMAMP - Meet me at my place
MOS - Mom over shoulder (**keep an eye out for this one)
MU - Miss you
MYOB - Mind your own business
NE1 - Anyone
NIMBY - Not in my backyard
NM - Not much/Nothing much/Never mind
NMU - Not much, you?
Noob - Newbie (often derogatory)
NP - No problem
NRN - No response necessary
NT - No thanks
O RLY - Oh really?
OL - The old lady
OM - The old man
OMG - Oh my gosh
ORLY - Oh really?
OT - Off topic
OTOH - On the other hand
P911 - Parent alert (**keep an eye out for this one)
Peeps - People
Peep this - Check this out
PIR - Parents in the room (**keep an eye out for this one)
PLS - Please
PLZ - Please
PlzKThx - Please. OK? Thanks (or Thanks in advance)
PMJI - Pardon me for jumping in
POS - Parent over shoulder (**keep an eye out for this one)
POTS - Plain old telephone service
Ppl - People
PRW - Parents are watching (**keep an eye out for this one)
PTB - Please text back
QT - Cutie
RINGL8 - Running late
RL - Real life (versus online)
RME - Rolling my eyes
ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLOL - Rolling on the floor laughing out loud
RSN - Real soon now
RU - Are you?
RUOK - Are you OK?
SH - Same here
SO - Significant other
SOS - Same old stuff
SOTA - State of the art
STR8 - Straight
SY - Sincerely yours
SYT - See you tomorrow
TAFN - That’s all for now
TC - Take care
THNKS - Thanks
THNX - Thanks
THX - Thanks
TMI - Too much information
TNT - ‘Til next time
TRDMF - Tears running down my face
TPS - That’s pretty stupid
TTFN - Ta ta for now
TTLY - Totally
TTYL - Talk to you later
TXT - Text
TY - Thank you
TYL - Thank you love
TYL - Text you later
USA - Until sides ache
UV - Unpleasant visual
UW - You’re welcome
W/E - Whatever
W8 - Wait
WB - Welcome back / Write back
WDYMBT - What do you mean by that?
WEG - Wicked evil grin
WEU - What’s eating you?
WTG - Way to go
WFM - Works for me
WYCM - Will you call me?
WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get
XLNT - Excellent
Y2b - YouTube
YAA - Yet another acronym
YAAGF - You are a good friend
YAAI - You are an idiot
Yarly - Yeah, really
YASAN - You are such a nerd
YASF - You are so funny
YATB - You are the best
YBS - You’ll be sorry
YT - You there?
YW - You’re welcome
ZOMG - OMG with extra zing!
ZZZ - Sleeping/Bored/Tired

This article was originally published on Oct 01, 2010

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