Personalized DIY felt stocking

Put a personal touch on Christmas this year with our DIY felt stocking craft. This easy-to-make craft is a great gift idea for your little elves to give to loved ones.


Here’s how to make this DIY felt stocking:

1. Draw a stocking shape onto two overlaid pieces of felt (make it extra tall to allow for the roll-over cuff).

2. Cut out both identical stocking sides.

3. Cut out thin felt loop (about 18 cm long).

4. Machine sew the front and back together, but not all the way around the stocking: Leave a few inches open on the top-right side.

5. Sew the loop to top-right side.


6. Fold cuff over and sew right side shut.

7. Cut ribbon lengths to make an initial.

8. Iron on ribbon letter using Stitch Witchery or Steam-A-Seam adhesive.

9. Cut out two felt holly leaves.

10. Sew a seam in leaves (optional—it looks like a leaf vein) and sew to stocking.

11. Thread a short piece of yellow ribbon through jingle bells.

12. Attach jingle-bell berries by sewing ribbon to stocking.

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