No-carve pumpkin: Gothic doily

A classy Halloween party calls for classy decor. Wow your guests with this Gothic-looking no-carve pumpkin.

1 medium pumpkin
1 package paper doilies
3 sponge brushes
Silver acrylic paint
Black acrylic paint
Mod Podge

1. Cut 1 doily into pieces to make stencils (smaller pieces are easier to work with). Press doily pieces against pumpkin and sponge silver paint overtop to create a pattern on the pumpkin, removing doily pieces right away. Let dry completely.

2. Meanwhile, paint remaining doilies with black paint using another sponge brush. Let dry completely.

3. Cut painted doilies into smaller pieces and arrange them in a desired pattern. Affix pieces to pumpkin with Mod Podge applied with a sponge

A version of this article appeared in our October 2015 issue with the headline “Smashing pumpkins,” pp. 77-82.

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