No-carve pumpkin: Creeping tiger

With a few craft supplies and just a bit of effort, this wildly cute no-carve pumpkin will make you the envy of the neighbourhood.

1 large pumpkin
Black paint + brush
Printer + paper
Orange, black + white felt
Black yarn
Glue gun
2 clementines

1. To make a tail, paint stem of pumpkin black. Let dry.

2. Meanwhile, download our mask template HERE, print it and assemble according to instructions on the template.

3. Cut 2 pieces of yarn long enough to fit around the pumpkin. Loop each piece through a hole in the mask so yarn becomes doubled. Position mask on the front of the pumpkin and tie yarn at the back to secure.

4. To create stripes, cut long triangles of black felt and affix them to the sides of the pumpkin with hot glue.

5. To make paws, stick 3 small triangles of black felt to clementines with hot glue. Affix paws to the base of the pumpkin with hot glue.

A version of this article appeared in our October 2015 issue with the headline “Smashing pumpkins,” pp. 77-82.

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