Kids craft: How to make animal ears headbands and matching tails

It's time to play pretend! Have your kiddos go wild and get into character with some easy-to-craft spotted accessories.

kids craft DIY animal ears Photo: Roberto Caruso

For the ears

What you’ll need Plain black headbands Faux leaves (available at craft stores) Glue gun Scissors White stiffened felt Paintbrush and black paint

Steps 1. Glue faux leaves onto the centre of the headband. 2. Cut two ear shapes from stiffened felt and paint black spots on one side of each. 3. Pipe a line of hot glue onto the headband (slightly overlapping leaves), and gently place felt ears on. 4. Hold until glue dries.

Kids craft DIY animal tail Photo: Roberto Caruso

For the tails

What you’ll need Scissors Baby tights Glue gun Faux fur Cotton batting Paintbrush Paint Ribbon

Steps 1. Cut the legs off a pair of baby tights, leaving the feet intact. Fold one leg in half lengthwise and secure edges with hot glue. Let dry. 2. Cut out a small tuft of faux fur and affix to the end of tail. Stuff tail with cotton; glue top closed. 3. Have kids paint spots on their tail. Let dry. 4. Cut a length of ribbon that will be long enough to tie around child’s waist. Find the centre of the ribbon and fasten tail to centre using hot glue.

This article was originally published on Jan 09, 2017

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