How to make an emoji magic 8-ball

Make this adorable craft and then ask it all your burning questions!

Emoji Magic 8 Ball
Photo: Jeff Carlson


Dear Magic 8-ball…make this fun craft and then ask it all your burning questions.

Emoji Magic 8 Ball2
Photo: Tony Lanz

You’ll need: small Styrofoam ball, emoji stickers, small round jar with lid (a spice or jam jar works well), washi tape, scissors, glitter and water.

Emoji Magic 8 Ball3
Photo: Tony Lanz

1. Form Styrofoam ball into a cube by lightly pressing it down on a hard surface to make six flat sides. Affix stickers to each side of cube.

Emoji Magic 8 Ball4
Photo: Tony Lanz

2. Decorate lid and side of jar with washi tape (leave bottom uncovered).

Emoji Magic 8 Ball5
Photo: Tony Lanz

3. Place cube and glitter in jar, add water and screw lid on tightly. If you have different emoji stickers, think up your own legend.

Emoji Magic 8 Ball6

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