How to make a pool noodle boat

There's so many cool uses for inexpensive pool noodles. These sweet sailboats are a quick craft that are fun to race in the bath or kiddie pool.

How to make a pool noodle boat

With a few basic supplies, you can make this simple craft that will make a big splash with the kids. Let them decorate the sails and then watch the regatta unfold in the bath or kiddie pool.

You'll need: pool noodle coloured card stock, thick paper or foam craft sheets packaging tape utility knife scissors markers or stickers wooden skewers washi tape

How-to: 1. Using a utility knife, cut your pool noodle into two-inch slices.

2. Cut a square piece of card stock diagonally in half to make two triangles. These are your sails.

3. Decorate your sails with markers or stickers. Once decorated, cover your sails with packaging tape on both sides to make them water resistant. You could also use foam craft sheets instead of card stock if you want to skip the tape.

4. Poke two holes in your sail with the pointed end of a wooden skewer. When you're done, trim the sharp end off the skewer for safety. Thread the wooden skewer through the sail and into the pool noodle slice.

Tip: If your boat tips from being too top heavy, trim the skewer to a shorter length or trim your sails to make them smaller.

5. Finish the top with a washi tape flag. This fleet is ready to race!

This article was originally published on Jul 04, 2017

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