How to make a fruity felt wristlet

You're summer ready with this wristlet. Felt is a great material for little crafters to learn to sew, a plastic needle can puncture the fabric with ease.


Level of difficulty: For the more craft-inclined (hand-sewing involved)
Age range: 5+ with help
Safety first: A young crafter can use a plastic needle, which will sew easily through felt. Swap in safety scissors while you’re at it.
The takeaway: This is a great project to practise hand-stitching. Learning to sew is a great skill that leads to bigger and more exciting projects. This cute fruit-themed purse is a fun starting point.

You’ll need:
velcro dots
embroidery thread and needle
two felt sheets, in contrasting colours
a medium-sized bowl to trace (whatever size bowl you choose will determine the size of the wristlet)

Step 1
Trace your bowl (flipped upside down so the widest part is against the felt) on your two pieces of contrasting felt and cut out with scissors.

Step 2
Cut one felt circle in half. Use the other half to make three wedges with rounded corners. Cut a thin strap out of the leftover felt (use the longest part possible so little wrists can fit through it comfortably).

Step 3
Fold your strap in half and sew it to the top right corner of your half circle. Continue sewing the half circle onto the full circle of felt using a blanket stitch. This will form the pocket.

Step 4
Flip your full circle over and sew the felt wedges you cut out in step 2 onto the front in a citrus slice pattern. Use a backstitch for a nice finish. Add a velcro dot to the pocket to close your wristlet.

Way to go! These tangy little pouches are perfect for holding lipgloss, pencils, Shopkins, Lego, you name it.

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