How to make a bunny planter

Get a jump on spring by adding some indoor greenery with this adorable DIY bunny planter.



empty 2-L pop bottle

non-toxic acrylic paint

disposable cup


permanent marker

white and pink paper


Popsicle sticks

planting soil

small plant




 Pour acrylic paint into an empty 2-L bottle (enough to fill the bottom feet). Put cap on securely and shake the bottle for 2 to 5 minutes, or until the bottom half is fully coated inside. Remove the cap and place the bottle upside down in a large disposable cup—so the extra paint drips out. Leave to dry for 24 hours.


2. Cut off the top half of the bottle with scissors and discard. Draw a bunny face on the outside of the bottle using permanent marker.


3. Cut a pair of bunny ears out of white paper. Cut a second, smaller pair out of pink paper for the inner ears. Glue the inner ears to the outer ears. Attach a Popsicle stick to the back of each ear with glue, about 1 cm from the bottom. (This will help secure the ears in the soil and prevent them from getting wet when you water the plant.)


4. Fill the bottle with soil and pot your favourite plant. Stick the Popsicle sticks into the soil.


Have fun with your planter! Create different pairs of animal ears throughout the year to switch things up. Imagine a puppy, kitty or polar bear…


A version of this article appeared in our April 2014 issue with the headline “Feet First,” p. 18.

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